Dual Nationality and Passports

dual nationality

Obtaining Dual Nationality through Antigua and Barbuda's investment program.

Please note that this service is exclusively for high-net-worth individuals, as the costs for citizenship and nationality donations are capped at $200,000 USD, as determined by our experts.

Why Dual Nationality?

In 2013, the government of Antigua and Barbuda introduced the Citizenship by Investment program. This initiative aims to attract foreign investment to the country, stimulating economic growth and funding community projects and infrastructure development. High-net-worth individuals and their families from around the world apply for this program to enhance their global mobility and obtain a second passport as a backup plan. Successful applicants gain Antiguan citizenship and a passport, granting them visa-free travel to over 160 countries worldwide. It’s worth noting that Antigua is often referred to as a “Tax Haven”.

Why should you consider the Antiguan Dual Nationality program we offer:

  • Citizenship: Acquiring Antiguan citizenship through the program.
  • Convenient Application Process: No need to travel to Antigua during the first three years, and alternative solutions are available for a fee.
  • Passport Delivery: Your passport will be delivered to your location.
  • Property Ownership: The ability to outright own property in Antigua.
  • Corporate Ownership: Option to own local corporations with nominee shareholders and directors for trading or holding company purposes.
  • Banking Facilities: Assistance with establishing bank accounts, including bank and credit cards (light KYC may be required).
  • Confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. The program is administered by a solicitor licensed in England, Canada, and a French jurist from Pantheon-Sorbonne. Solicitor Client Privilege ensures strict confidentiality.

Additional Services

  • Help with other matters besides nationality and passport services.
  • Expedition, contact us today for fast-track processing, which typically takes four to six months.
  • Additional non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for further protection.
  • Personalized solutions, consultations are available on a case-by-case basis without any consultation fees.
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Additional Notes

Applicants should undergo a criminal record check, but minor offenses and misdemeanors usually do not hinder the application process. There is an initial $2,000 inquiry fee for criminal record checks and initial contact with Antigua authorities.

Please note that this service is not applicable to individuals with political or pending issues. However, such circumstances may not necessarily hinder your application.

Fees must be paid in advance to the Antigua government and agents. Payment is only required once due diligence has been approved by local authorities.

We charge a success fee based on the outcome of the application. 

Upon completion of the transaction, we charge a 20% success fee as our commission.

Reasonable expenses, approved by you in advance, may be incurred, although most costs are absorbed by us due to the high volume of applications.

After the transaction is complete, we can either transfer all information to you, destroy it, or store it securely in a secondary facility with exclusive client access codes for data protection purposes.

Serious applicants are encouraged to contact us, as rates and processing fees are determined by local authorities and are non-negotiable but transparent.

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