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Company set-up

As in most western countries there are different types of companies with different regulations.
Business in Siam offers support and guidance to clarify which type of company that will be best for your business and then handle the entire process to establish the company and get necessary permissions.
It is a relative extensive paperwork to get the application correct and approved. Business in Siam will manage this and all contacts with Thai authorities.


  1. Define your business and business idea
  2. Company type (Thai Company Ltd, Board of investment company, Thai representative office, Annat)
  3. Company name, reserv
  4. Fixed capital
  5. Ownership & Shareholders
  6. Company address
  7. Foreign Business License
  8. Company registration
  9. Translation and stamps
  10. Tax registration number
  11. Visa & Work permit
  12. Assign accountant
  13. Open bank account

Business in Siam manages all steps until the company is up and running

For more information welcome to contact Business in Siam