About Us

About Us

Business in Siam was set up to help out with all legal and practical issues related to living and working in Thailand.

Established in Thailand in 2013, we offer advice and support with the country’s family law and property law, how to set up a company, as well as translation and other services.

Many people are attracted of Thailand’s rapid economic expansion, the temperate climate, and the people. Indeed, it is one of the world’s most attractive countries for investment, tourism, and even retirement.

But there are some challenges that cause many to hesitate making the move:

  • Bureaucracy
  • An often-changing system of rules that can be difficult to fully grasp
  • Difficulty in finding a competent and trustworthy lawyer, accountant, broker, supplier and/or business partner.

Business in Siam’s business idea is to take care of all the complicated details, so you don’t have to. With our vast experience and wide network, we can handle all of your requirements, and provide you with all the contacts you will need to get settled in Thailand.

We take full responsibility for a complete to meet your needs, and can handle all contacts with Thai authorities and partners on your behalf.

For more information, welcome to contact Business in Siam.


Our professional Team is located in Bangkok Thailand. Together we have a unique combination of Legal competence, Project management and Investigation capabilities.